6 thoughts on “Demo of Digital Super-8 app and cartridge”

  1. Very cool! So using the app and wireless connection, would it be theoretically possible to use the cartridge with any super 8 camera? Exciting stuff either way.

    1. You have to remove the filmgate of your camera, usually this is by unscrewing 2 screws. However it may then still not fit. On Nizo’s this is at least working on most models. Caution: when you remove the filmgate you won’t be able to use the camera with regular film, unless you place back the filmgate, which is usually a bit tricky to do. So best is to select a camera or buy one on EBay and dedicate it to Digital Super8. We have tried many things but sofar the optics don’t allow us to keep filmgate and successfully place the cartridge.

  2. No worries – I think I have a Nizo in my collection in any case. And would be more than happy to dedicate it to digital! Following with great hope and anticipation.

  3. Does this store the data for the shot video on the phone, or does the app stream the data from an internal storage in the cartridge? I’m curious, because if it is the former, then it will be pretty difficult for anyone without a higher end smart phone to use this.

  4. Also, another question. Will there be an option for extended recording outside the length of a standard roll? An example being having the record length of the long gone 200ft Kodak S-8 cartridges.

  5. AMAZING !!! plus works on Android, double win. Been following this for a while, learning to be patient, but definitly consider me for buying one of these !!

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