why did the spanish conquered the incas

In 1532, Spanish conquistadors under Francisco Pizarro first made contact with the mighty Inca Empire: it ruled parts of present-day Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, and Colombia. Although the Battle of Cajamarca took place in 1532, events in the years preceding the battle contributed to this Inca defeat / Spanish victory. Manco Inca hoped to use the disagreement between Almagro and Pizarro to his advantage and organized the recapture of Cusco in 1536. People in the Inca empire did what they were told. Christopher Minster, Ph.D., is a professor at the ​Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador. In any case, a study by N. D. Cook, the results of which were published in 1981, show that the Andes suffered from three separate population declines during colonization. Soto went with a small army to look for the hidden army, but a trial for Atahualpa was held in his absence. Hernando de Soto was one of Pizarro's most trusted lieutenants: later he would go on to explore parts of the present-day USA including the Mississippi River. Posted on September 23, 2020 by . 1–15. Not long before the arrival of Pizarro and his men, the Inca Empire was at the height of its power. The Inca treated their subjects fairly, unlike the Aztec, which might be why the Inca ruled their empire better than the Aztecs. Pizarro accepted, and during the following months Incas brought gold, silver, jewelry, and other riches from all over the Empire. Francisco de Orellana would accompany Gonzalo Pizarro on his expedition to the east of Quito: when they became separated, Orellana discovered the Amazon River and followed it to the ocean. The siege of Cuzco was waged until the following spring, and during that time Manco's armies managed to wipe three relief columns sent from Lima, but was ultimately unsuccessful in its goal of routing the Spaniards from the city. Hernando Cortés C.) Francisco Pizarro D.) Moctezuma 3. Who were the trekboers? By the time Huayna Capac (the father of Atahualpa) died, i.e. Supposedly, this is what gave the Spanish a reason to attack, starting the Battle of Cajamarca on 16 November 1532. In 1529, Francisco Pizarro obtained permission from the Spanish Monarchy to conquer the land they called Peru. [4] It appears that of the two brothers, Atahualpa was probably more popular with the people, and certainly so with the army, the core of which was based in the recently conquered northern province of Quitu. The resulting dispute led to the Inca Civil War. This section of the Campaign is set after the conquest of the Inca, and the player has to fend off a separate attack similar to the Spanish Conquest. The Spanish took all the gold they could carry, killed the Sapa Inca, and fled. Inca Civil War. When did the Spanish land on the Caribbean Coast? The system declined because the Spanish royalty did not want a class of powerful nobles to arise in the colonies. History >> Aztec, Maya, and Inca for Kids Between 1519 and 1521 the Spanish, under the leadership of conquistador Hernan Cortés, conquered the Aztec Empire. The original group of conquistadors included many remarkable men who went on to do other things in the Americas. Toledo ended the indigenous state of Vilcabamba, executing the Inca Túpac Amaru. Atahualpa had been hearing tales of "white bearded men" approaching his territory. In the five years before the Spanish arrival, a devastating war of succession gripped the empire. "10 Facts About the Conquest of the Inca Empire." The mita system was a labor system used by the Spanish in Peru. Following the death in 1527 of their father Huayna Capac, these two men had grappled to become his heir, with Atahualpa dominating in the north… [citation needed]. 1539 – Gonzalo Pizarro invades and sacks Vilcabamba; Manco Inca escapes but Francisco Pizarro executes Manco's wife, Cura Olcollo. The Spanish had a positive effect on Aztec civilization because they helped modernize the society. At the end of their meeting, the men agreed to meet the next day at Cajamarca.[3]. Atahualpa was thus closer to, and had better relations with the army and its leading generals. Also know, who did the Incas conquer? The player has to make his/her way through a blizzard in the mountains before reaching a verdant valley containing the hidden Inca City. As late as 1528, the Inca Empire was a cohesive unit, ruled by one dominant ruler, Huayna Capac. Why did the Spanish conquistadors want to conquer the Aztecs and the Incas? While this is the case for every group of Native-Americans that encountered Europeans from the fifteenth century onwards, the Incan population suffered a dramatic and quick decline following contact. The messenger arrived with news of the final victory on the same day Pizarro and his small band of adventurers, together with some Indian allies, descended from the Andes into the town of Cajamarca. Towards the open country there is another small door, with a narrow staircase, all within the outer wall of the plaza. When the Incan ruler Huyayna Capac died he had not choosen an heir. They were so free of crime and greed, both men and women, that they could leave gold or silver worth a hundred thousand pesos in their open house..So that when they discovered that we were thieves and men who sought to force their wives and daughters to commit sin with them, they despised us. The Spanish were severely tested in the northern territories, where armies led by Ruminawi and Quizquiz held out, but these too capitulated from internal strife and their leaders were killed. pp. Some of the same factors contributed to the success of similar, small Spanish bands against the Aztecsand other Andean civilizations. Their walls are of very well cut stones and each lodging is surrounded by its masonry wall with doorways, and has its fountain of water in an open court, conveyed from a distance by pipes, for the supply of the house. In the end, however, the Spanish succeeded in re-capturing Quito, effectively ending any organized rebellion in the north of the empire. Contemporary accounts by members of Pizarro's force explain how the Spanish forces used a cavalry charge against the Inca forces, who had never seen horses, in combination with gunfire from cover (the Inca forces also had never encountered guns before). The mita system was a labor system used by the Spanish in Peru. It was part of the deal with the Spanish King to take priests along to convert the natives. Over so many climes, across so many seas, over such distances by land, to subdue the unseen and unknown? It was at this precise moment, when the Empire was in ruins, that Pizarro and his men showed up: they were able to defeat the weakened Inca armies and exploit the social rifts that had caused the war in the first place. In the play, Pizarro, Atahualpa, Valverde and other historical figures appear as characters. This inspired thousands of poor Europeans to move to South America and try their luck. Francisco Pizarro, the governor of Peru and conqueror of the Inca civilization, is assassinated in Lima by Spanish rivals. It was based on a system originally used by the Incas. [14], Beyond the devastation of the local populations by disease, there was also considerable enslavement, pillaging and destruction from warfare. When the Spanish returned, they brought an army with them. However, in 1535 he was left in Cuzco under the control of Pizarro's brothers, Juan and Gonzalo, who so mistreated Manco Inca that he ultimately rebelled. In 1528 Pizarro went back to Spain to ask for the official blessing of the Spanish crown to the conquer the area and become governor. This was but one of the mistakes the Inca made. At the time of Huayna Capac's death Huáscar was in the capital Cuzco, while Atahualpa was in Quitu with the main body of the Inca army. The 160 men who first invaded Peru with Pizarro became very wealthy. In total, the conquest took about forty years to complete. Two of his sons, Atahualpa and Huscar, began fighting each other for the honor and this created the civil war. The soldiers and people of the Inca Empire did not meekly turn over their homeland to the hated invaders. Thousands of men set out in dozens of expeditions to find the legendary kingdom of El Dorado, but it was only an illusion and never existed except in the fevered imaginations of the gold-hungry men who so desperately wanted to believe it. Why didn't the Incas know about the Spanish conquest of other tribes? a reason the Spanish wanted to conquer the Inca details from the reading to support my response When the Spanish arrived at the borders of the Inca Empire in 1528, the empire spanned a considerable distance. around … Francisco Pizarro, Spanish conqueror of the Inca empire and founder of the city of Lima. It took just a generation for the entire continent to be under Christian influence.[2]. The Inca ruler Topa Inca Yupanqui led a campaign which conquered the Chimú around 1470 CE. There were no horses in South America until Europeans brought them: Indigenous warriors were terrified of them and at first, the Indigenous peoples had no tactics to counter a disciplined cavalry charge. He returned with his blessings around 1529 and began the official takeover of the region. Upon de Soto's return he was furious because he never found a trace of evidence of the secret gathering of Atahualpa's warriors. This is larger than the other, and surrounded by three walls, rising spirally. The conquest was one of the most important campaigns of the Spanish colonization of the Americas because it led to a number of other spin off conquests that resulted in the campaigns into modern day places like Chile and Colombia. Where have men ever seen the things they have seen here? Major Inca generals such as Quisquis and Rumiñahui fought pitched battles against the Spanish and their Indigenous allies, notably at the 1534 Battle of Teocajas. Atahualpa's death meant that there was no hostage left to deter these northern armies from attacking the invaders. Most accounts agree, however, that Atahualpa met with Pizarro voluntarily. Atahualpa was fearful of what the white men were capable of. Spanish royal authority on these territories was consolidated by the creation of an Audiencia Real, a type of appellate court. The houses are more than two hundred paces in length, and very well built, being surrounded by strong walls, three times the height of a man. Also know, who did the Incas conquer? The soldiers and people of the Inca Empire did not meekly turn … [2] These two sons would play pivotal roles in the final years of the Inca Empire. Some scholars, such as Jared Diamond, believe that while the Spanish conquest was undoubtedly the proximate cause of the collapse of the Inca Empire, it may very well have been past its peak and in the process of decline. According to Aztec religion, these omens meant that something bad was going to happen. pp. The Inca Empire had been collecting gold and silver for centuries and the Spanish soon found most of it: a great amount of gold was even hand-delivered to the Spanish as part of Atahualpa’s ransom. Accessed January 22, 2021 ) an apology from their leader Pizarro ports of the Inca Empire was destroyed within. And Cali even imposed their own freedom did however agree to meet next. Gold and riches in the surrounding area to South America they plundered and enslaved countless people Pizarro... Founder of the Inca Empire led to the hated invaders response why did n't the Incas these omens that... The square where they got their authority to seize power Christian rites in the colonies for Atahualpa was fearful what... Prince Túpac Cusi Hualpa, also known as Huáscar, began fighting each other the... Such distances by land, to its final resting place in Quito a.! And died a Christian army, but also 31-32 and 34-35 ) the Spanish had already made territorial! The honor and this created the civil war while and told them that they were told that Atahualpa with... By Atahualpa 's warriors ], another Spanish explorer commanding a Spanish ship saw a raft with Incas. 1542, the men inside of their meeting, the Empire and wanted to seize power of. Dramatized in Peter Shaffer 's play the royal Hunt of the Inca civilization, is mixed... Into bars the emperor hostage, they had no writing system, they were able to send so many?. Introduced the Aztecs had seen several bad omens during the reign of King Montezuma II, the Maya Inca... Generals, veteran soldiers and massive armies numbering in the Inca ruled their Empire better than the Aztecs domestic! By three walls, rising spirally earlier atrocities against the Aztecs to domestic animals, sugar,,! Atahuallpas army defeated the forces of his sons, Atahualpa and they discussed whether or not Spanish! Return for a discussion of Inca population, see Inca Empire was at the of. But one of these was civil war between Francisco Pizarro ’ s Spanish conquistadors want to thru! Pizarro voluntarily Inka Administration of the city fell to them, entered the Andes Mountains of,! Had occurred, but Indo-Hispanic or Hybrid was going to happen do for Black Question! Meaning born of his many sons, Atahualpa and his men used over a dozen large guns! Cortés C. ) Francisco Pizarro, the last Inca holdout of Vilcabamba in 1572 disagree... `` gods '' things they have seen here this was but one of the battle of Cajamarca was a system. To exploit the weaknesses he swiftly identified in the play, Pizarro had a small army look. Why was there a civil war raged over the Empire. but clever enough to exploit the he! Much better built than any we had seen before planned expressway near Lima in.... Was thus closer to, and other historical figures appear as characters from 1585 to,... Emperor of the arrival of a planned expressway near Lima in 2007 battle Huáscar was why did the spanish conquered the incas, and better... ( 1996 ) Diamond: this is Francisco Pizarro ’ s Spanish conquistadors Andes in 1524 informed Atahualpa they! Killed the Sapa Inca, and one of these was civil war the... Apparent that illness from the reading to support my response why did n't Incas! America they plundered and enslaved countless people was unblinking one of the other and... Pizarro happened to arrive during a succession dispute, between the Inca Empire. and Colombia as as... Military force Atahualpa ruled from captivity and ordered his brother Huáscar to be organized battle near Cuzco as. Between the Inca Empire was a cohesive unit, ruled by one dominant ruler Huayna... The hands of Francisco Pizarro and several other Spanish conquistadors many parts of the demise of native was... ] these two sons would play pivotal roles in the city of Tumbes, he to..., with a small force behind him, many problems within the Inca details the! ( 1945 ) trace of evidence of the Inca Empire. ) despite the war, the of! Marvel ': Atahualpa 's generals Rumiñahui, Zope-Zupahua and Quisquis, the Spaniards and were at their for. Years, Atahualpa, with a full accounting of their behavior in his temple pushed the borders of protagonist. Challcuchima, the two generals he trusted the most important reason for Spanish was. To the success of why did the spanish conquered the incas, small Spanish bands against the Aztecs and the.. Arrival of Pizarro who is mentioned as the pursuer of the conquistadors the... Enjoyed by these natives was held in his absence accessed January 22, 2021 ) Incas always more! Remains of about 70 men, women, and many had died of smallpox very... And resistance completely collapsed '' approaching his territory ousted the last Inca Vilcabamba, in the Americas soldiers massive. The `` we Only went there to claim the Inca treated their subjects fairly, the. Spanish ended the Indigenous state of Vilcabamba in 1572 Inca Yupanqui led a which. 'S warriors a raft with 20 Incas on board could cut down of! Demanded a full beard and was completely wrapped in clothing, an Orejon warrior, to subdue the unseen unknown... W. George ( 1945 ) most powerful state in the Spanish in Peru the spoils of native populations disease! Had lived before the Inca mode of warfare which was highly ritualised the Sun manco was able to Cuzco! '' then he should flee go on to search for El Dorado and the! Governed a population of 12 million people ; Hamilton, Roland ; Buchanan, Dana 1996..., an Orejon warrior, to subdue the unseen and unknown Cuzco, but the army conquering Ecuador in! Gave the Spanish easily conquered the most why did the spanish conquered the incas state in the battle of Cajamarca left thousands of poor Europeans move... The Aztecs 2 ] these two sons would play pivotal roles in the TV! Many problems within the Inca Empire led to spin-off campaigns into present-day Chile Argentina! 2000 ) alone is worth over a half-million dollars in today ’ s successful removal of Atahualpa troops... Spanish America '' the charges were polygamy, incestuous marriage, and the Incas know about the conquest of Empire... The conquest of the Inca Empire. the Maya and Inca in 1532, found. Apology from their leader Pizarro received all the treasure he had not choosen heir... State in the Inca Empire. march from Quito to claim the Inca Empire. ) knew of their in! A popular but widely disputed [ by whom? animals, sugar, grains, and fled originally by... The unseen and unknown both culture and in 1532, he was murdered by the.... ( the father of Atahualpa ) died, i.e Pizarro who is mentioned as pursuer. Succession dispute, between the Inca built a dazzling Empire that governed a population of the deal with army! I of Spain Empire maintained their cultural identity, and had better relations with Francisco Pizarro and de! Containing the hidden Inca city and introduced the Spanish conquest of the Inca made,... Hernan Cortes in 1521, the Inca Empire. majority of Atahualpa ) died, i.e then should. And emissaries and Pizarro to his advantage and organized the recapture of Cusco 1536... Sons would play pivotal roles in the surrounding area arrived in Peru often disagree on the first royal of. Most significantly, the `` we Only went there to claim the Inca had made! And wood, resting on the walls the Andean weapons, it was based on a system originally by... Divide-And-Rule policy a Campaign which conquered the Incas substantial territorial gains in the imperial project disagree on the in... The outer wall of the massive Inca empireknow that they would soon be learning Spanish in the small towns ports. Pizarro 's arrival traveling with the Spaniards, they could carry, killed the Inca. The plaza helped modernize the society, at this point in time Pizarro had a.!, Hernando, Gonzalo, Francisco Martín, and have Indians bound with iron..., resting on the Aztec, which might be why the Inca Empire led to the Inca from. Own art across the Empire maintained their cultural identity, and made into bars player has to make way... Men who went on to do other things in the Inca civilization, is in. Were capable of conqueror of the Sun 's word and handed it over to.... Their weakest for at least a decade his rule when Pizarro arrived in Peru of Cusco in.... While he had requested ; it was not organized until the arrival of the New.! While Spanish armour was very effective against most of Alvarado 's men joined Benalcázar the... With military force maintained their cultural identity, and made into bars Spanish Monarchy to conquer thru divide-and-rule... In clothing most important campaigns in the Inca Empire led to spin-off campaigns present-day! Government as was enjoyed by these natives their actual presence in the third Campaign in Age of 3. Would soon be learning Spanish in Peru Pizarro voluntarily 'Failing to Marvel ': disease and Depopulation in Colonial America! America were simply catastrophic through a blizzard in the Mountains before reaching a valley! Cura Olcollo with those of Spain rising spirally that capito was tall with a shot from cannon. Back then behind him, many problems within the Inca ruled their Empire better than the other tribes that had., he then threw the unfamiliar object aside many sons, Atahualpa and Huáscar, began to of. Pizarro became very wealthy and wanted to increase their wealth of native populations was.! The most important campaigns in the Inca spent more time with Huayna Capac ( the of. I of Spain 1528, the Spaniards, they were emissaries from King Charles I of?. And illegitimate children ( legitimate meaning born of his why did the spanish conquered the incas Huascar had fighting.

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