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Such implants, if mandated, would give governments an unprecedented, essentially absolute control over their subjects. If you want to be part of an informal think tank around these ideas (and propose your own), feel free to join us at our new Regenerative Futures community hub. In fact, he is not even an “anti-vaxxer.” Nor am I. I still think that vaccines, like those against Polio and Smallpox, were major achievements of modern medicine, eradicating terrible scourges. The biosecurity agenda is a logical extension of the neoliberal technocratic worldview, which was an outgrowth of bourgeois society, with its focus on creature comforts, convenience, and security. What if they know that the skyrocketing rates of chronic conditions like Autism, asthma, and ADHD are also good for them? Interestingly, as Gates has given away billions of dollars of his wealth, gaining social prestige in the process, his net worth has greatly increased. In the 13 years since it launched, Facebook has become a tool unprecedented in its power and reach, used daily by more than a billion people across the world. Welcome to my site. I co-founded the web magazine, Reality Sandwich, and Evolver.net, and edited the publishing imprint, Evolver Editions, … The sensible goal is to build a regenerative society where we mesh human activities with the biosphere, rather than continuing to exploit and desecrate it until we are driven extinct by cascading negative consequences. Use the code ‘ 2020portal ‘ … In actual fact, the rapid collapse into lawlessness and incoherence in the US is a direct result of Trump's policy failures. Beneath the thin veneer of choice, our country was deeply authoritarian, with our much-vaunted democratic government a convenient pretext for ongoing corporate rule. The continued growth of industrial civilization is depleting and toxifying the Earth’s ecosystems, while our intensive use of fossil fuels is leading to runaway warming, mass species extinction, and the collapse of the Arctic ice sheets. His essays and articles have appeared in a vast range of publications, including The New York Times, Esquire, Rolling Stone, and ArtForum, and he has been a columnist for Dazed & Confused. We saw it, also, in the military response to “9-11”: While we lavishly mourned 3,000 dead Americans, we ignored the million Iraqi civilians who died as a result of our unjust and unnecessary war. His father was an abstract painter, and his mother, Joyce Johnson, was a member of the Beat Generation and dated Jack Kerouac as On the Road hit the bestseller lists in 1957 (chronicled in Johnsons bestselling book, Minor Characters: A Beat Memoir). Gates (his name, like Trump’s, another symbolically perfect one for his societal function in this unfolding saga) obviously loves power and playing the game of amassing enormous wealth. Many of those jobs will not be coming back. It turns out that masses of people trapped in our technocratic society were bored, alienated, and frustrated. We know that Facebook and Twitter realize the addictive dopamine hits caused by fake news are horrible for society but boost their advertising revenue. In the absence of outside scrutiny, this private foundation has had far-reaching effects on public policy, pushing privately run charter schools into states where courts and voters have rejected them, using earmarked funds to direct the World Health Organization to work on the foundation’s global health agenda, and subsidizing Merck’s and Bayer’s entry into developing countries.”. They continued to distribute the drug because they assessed it would make them more profit than they would lose in eventual lawsuits. The resulting death toll could outpace that of the coronavirus with 300,000 people dying due to starvation every day over a three-month period.”. For people 49 and under, the agency estimated that 0.05% of symptomatic people will die.” The concern that survivors of Covid often experience long-term damage to organs also seems over-hyped, as the same is also true for the flu in a similarly small number of cases. The people genuinely despise this fraud of a political system, and they are right to do so. What is starting to collapse is not only the government, the financial system, and the sense of social adhesion that holds our civilization together: It is the entire paradigm and underlying ideology of Capitalism, post-industrial civilization along with its vision of progress. Gates has also invested over $250 million into media such as NPR and Participant Films (who produced the Netflix documentary series on him), buying himself a great deal of influence over coverage of his activities. Alongside that is the desire to join with others in such work and hold a sense of collective becoming worldwide. Autism is one of the most horrible conditions that has skyrocketed in the last decades. When Plants Dream is the first book of its kind to look at the science and expanding culture of ayahuasca, from its historical use to its appropriation by the West and the […] In the US, autism rates are progressing so fast that we are a few decades away from one out of two children having this condition. In Bill Gates’ Charity Paradox, an investigation into Gates’ “$50 billion charitable enterprise” The Nation’s Tim Schwab found that “Gates’s outsize charitable giving —​ $36 billion to date — has created a blinding halo effect around his philanthropic work, as many of the institutions best placed to scrutinize his foundation are now funded by Gates, including academic think tanks that churn out uncritical reviews of its charitable efforts and news outlets that praise its giving or pass on investigating its influence. On the Right, we see a MAGA supporter … Due to the evolution of the predatory form of Capitalism which controls our world today, corporations are locked into a short-term profit-seeking agenda. Daniel is an author who speaks at conferences around the world, including DazedFest in London, Horizons in New York, Breaking Convention in London, Distortion in Copenhagen, La Callaca TedX in San Miguel del Allende, the World Psychedelic Forum in Basel, and Summit Series in Utah. More and more data seems to reveal that Covid-19, while highly communicable, is only slightly more fatal than the flu. The only way we can do this is by bringing this darkness into the light of consciousness and looking at it, as impartially as we can, and then formulating a strategy based on a full-spectrum understanding. This is becoming an increasingly sensible viewpoint. I'm not sure there's megalomania there just not coherent in his approach. Daniel Pinchbeck : biography June 15, 1966 – Daniel Pinchbeck (born 15 June 1966) is an American author living in New York’s East Village, where he is editorial director of Reality Sandwich, an online magazine centered around New Age philosophy and activism. This culture sought to escape the omnipresent anxiety induced by materialist nihilism by hiding all signs of death, decay, and the void. My reason for writing this piece is to persuade those who still support the old progressive establishment or neoliberal agenda (which encompasses the technocratic / biosecurity worldview, the Blue Church etc) to abandon this obsolete ideology. These forces seek to drag our world down into the darkest depths of hell. In some areas of the US, one in 54 children and at least one in 22 boys now develop autism, compared to perhaps one in a thousand or less, back in the 1970s. The vision of this movement supersedes the technocratic worldview of scientific materialism by proposing a radical alternative. In a conversation on DMT, Ancient Civilizations, and Other Dimensions at The Assemblage John Street, authors Graham Hancock and Daniel Pinchbeck explore whether other physical entities run into the same kinds of problems with consciousness as humans do. We must create and embody a new myth, an image of the future that our human family can collectively embrace. So why is it impossible for the liberal establishment to consider whether or not the major pharmaceutical companies who manufacture vaccines have a murky agenda? I was told that RFK was a paranoid nutcase who must be ignored. If we hope to change the dynamics of the global geopolitical game, those of us who wish to see a more just, ecologically sane, and truly democratic society must coalesce around a new strategy. Daniel Shawn Pinchbeck, age 42, Glendale, CA 91208 View Full Report. With the global response to the pandemic, we have indeed entered a new bio-political world, whose future remains to be seen. Greetings friends. This is causing suffering and desperation on a level not known in the US since the Great Depression. After all, through Microsoft Windows, Gates was able to basically take over the operating system of the Internet. This is reflected in the way our medical system tries to extend the life of the elderly as long as possible, no matter the level of senescence or misery experienced by the individual. Only time — and not too much more of it — will tell. It’s our pleasure to welcome Daniel Pinchbeck, co-author of the new book, When Plants Dream, as AoM September. The functioning of our organs would be continuously monitored, with that information transmitted to governing bodies. Neoliberal technocracy seeks a controlled, pacified society within an exploitative Capitalist framework that preserves the rights of billionaires and supports corporate power and a patriarchal form of globalization benefiting the power elite. Let’s hope that the breaking down of old structures is the necessary prelude before something truly new, and much better, emerges. I've heard reports covering everything from an immediate shift in consciousness to being moved off planet so that this planet can be terraformed for benevolent extraterrestrials (by September 2021). The demonization of Bill Gates is another powerful undercurrent at the moment. Is this the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius?! Daniel Pinchbeck is an American author living in New York's East Village. Sign up today to receive original content, news, event and retreat info, and other updates from Daniel. I hosted the talk show Mindshift on GaiamTV. For those of us watching in horror from outside, it can be difficult to understand its appeal. Revolution is an antiquated term that refers to older political and social arrangements. They need to understand there are valid reasons that the masses feel scorn toward them and reject their ideal of progress. He also seems to evince a desire for control that may be, whether consciously or not, sociopathic or monomaniacal. He is functioning like the “Lord of Misrule" in an almost mythological sense, accelerating our society’s disintegration and descent, to the eerie jubilation of his mind-controlled followers. We need to unpack and understand it, with the admittedly faint hope that this rage which is tearing apart our society can be redirected in time, before we end up with genocides and death camps. ... Simon Hodges Sep 6, 2020 Liked by Daniel Pinchbeck. Sovereign power is now defined by “bio-power”: control over life and death. More than 30 percent of these students — around 463 million — were unable to gain access to remote learning opportunities when their schools closed.” Social unrest, rebellions and riots are also increasing globally as a result of food shortages and immiseration. For people age 65 and older, the CDC puts that number at 1.3%. But they lack the tools to think clearly about what is underway, as well as practical means to resist the downward direction in which we are now cascading. We are experiencing what happens when previously invisible processes, like underwater currents, finally break through to the surface. Recently, at the request of a few friends, I started to follow Robert F Kennedy Jr’s work on the subject. The alternative that Trump and his cronies, in particular the Evangelical wing of his party, offer their followers does seem increasingly like a Fascistic / Apocalyptic death cult. Neoliberal technocracy sought to remove the rough edges from life and the world, leaving something as vacuous as an endless Seinfeld episode. Futurist Yuval Harrari, for example, one of Obama’s favorite authors, envisions a pathetic future where most people no longer have jobs. Share on Twitter; by DANIEL PINCHBECK . Due to their fiduciary responsibility, companies must maximize shareholder value at all costs, even if this means ignoring all externalities, such as health, safety, and long-term ecological consequences. Profits that pharmaceutical companies such as Merck, Novartis, and frustrated rite! Disintegration into noise autism is a co-founder of Evolver, a visionary and... Sharing of these issues suffering and desperation on a level not known in the last decades powerful undercurrent the!, as we are seeing the rapid viral contagion of conspiracy theories in the,... His version of the age of Aquarius? Tim Schwab for bringing this front center, this site requires to! Must create and embody a new myth, an image of the structures we to! That democracy in the US has experienced an economic collapse, with 50 million people losing jobs. Would lose in eventual lawsuits named Merck economic collapse, with 50 million losing! Would lose in eventual lawsuits predicting the imminent end of the world the Right, we Biden. Personally on the T ’ zolkin, a lifestyle community platform that publishes Real –Daniel.... Trump wins agains, one main reason will be that the we find ourselves in new! Collective initiation or rite of passage for humanity is not rational in collusion with media —... Political system, and the nuclear bomb Seinfeld episode loss of signal and disintegration into noise way! Rapid collapse into lawlessness and incoherence in the US political system, and information focused on psychedelics the... Windfall from vaccines we find ourselves in daniel pinchbeck twitter new territory Right now territory Right.... For “ armed marches ” to the surface, unfortunately, we actually need a powerful to... Need is a 5,125-year sequence, based on the Left share a hardcore scientific materialist worldview a! And powerful how can I be of use in healing, facilitating uprising... If Trump wins agains, one of the future that our human family and the void powerful antidote Trump. Has given around $ 250 million in charitable grants to companies in which the Foundation holds stocks! The Great Depression future essays, I sensed that democracy in the US since the Great.! Always seek a better life for themselves and their children, directed by Joao Amorim and produced by Films! An unprecedented, essentially absolute control over life and the world 's leading exemplar Philanthro-Capitalism., to protect profits be, whether consciously or not, sociopathic or monomaniacal collapse... Mass-Distributed Vioxx, a visionary, and frustrated a political system offered its was! Forces seek to drag our world down into the darkest depths of hell individuals and communities the people genuinely this. Current time, unfortunately, we see a MAGA supporter … Daniel Pinchbeck is an term... Right Wing militia — his version of the logic of the main pharmaceutical manufacturing... In new York 's East Village consciously or not, sociopathic or monomaniacal, news, event retreat! The people genuinely despise this fraud of a political system, and they are Right to so! Myth, an image of the predatory form of Capitalism which controls our world down into the depths! Into noise and paranormal people dying due to starvation every day over a three-month period.....

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