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Family She is inspired by Piper McLean from the Heroes of Olympus series. 5'8 The two are still in contact, and meet up for monthly Argo II reunion parties. Piper didn't blame Reyna for having a crush on Jason, and knew why she would. That night after the legion leaves Jason takes Piper to the top of Cabin One where there is a secret passage to the roof. There would be executioners are killed by the Meliai, she goes back to Malibu. From time to time, Piper and her father would play a game called "Any Three Questions," in which Piper would ask her father any three questions of her choice and he had to answer them without lying. When the three do find it, Percy volunteers to go first, in case the place is flooded. Then Piper shares a moment with Jason, in which she accepts that she loves Jason, but she doesn't know if he feels the same way. As for Jason, he had feelings for Piper, but when he remembered Reyna, her memory made him question how he felt about Piper, and made him wonder if he was doing something wrong. RR2 They make it to the surface and pass out. Afterward, Frank and Piper scour the port of Pylos to find the poison with no luck. The two bonded over the course of the quest. He was a professional actor, but she didn't feel comfortable telling people this. See more ideas about piper mclean, percy jackson, jason grace. She mentioned a Cherokee legend that said that a plant could cure him, and mentioned that he could go through the Doors of Death, since Medea came back that way. She felt guilty about his death and replayed the scene in her head, and felt like she failed him. Piper is not present at Camp Half-Blood when the human Apollo and Meg McCaffrey arrive, so Nico di Angelo explains where she and the rest of the Seven are now while showing Leo's holographic message. Compared to the other children of Aphrodite, Piper is much more aggressive and down to earth and is also somewhat tomboyish, not constantly focused on herself or her looks. Apollo gave Piper advice, and said even though she can choose how much ancestry she can embrace, and she can overcome the expectations on her family and her society, she cannot try to be someone other than herself. They both helped defeat Gaea together. Apollo tells her to shoot Medea with a blow dart and she hits her shoulder. Piper agreed to help Apollo and they became friends. What is Nico's age in the Titan's Curse? After Piper arrived at Camp, Reyna seemed to have been over her jealousy also and said it was about time she came, and Piper grinned, saying she had some giants to kill. As for Piper, she loved Jason and thought his face was kind and gentle, but always a little sad. She reassured Annabeth when she was worried, saying that she was going to kick some serious booty, because she could tell she was terrified and trying to hide her terror. Frank receives a vial of Pylosian Mint from one of them. In The Blood of Olympus, they were closer than ever. After Percy and Jason wake up, the seven have a meeting, discussing Annabeth's quest, what they learned from Bacchus and who possessed Leo, Jason, and Percy. Leo was not oblivious to her family stress and knew she was sensitive about both her godly and Cherokee sides of her family, though it was hard to keep track which made her more sensitive each day. Jason runs into Herophile who tells him that if he and Piper pursue Caligula, one of them will die. Even though Piper blamed Apollo for what happened to Jason, Apollo had no anger towards Piper. First of all, let me tell you that I've always hated Piper. Jason was relieved when Piper suggested going to Dalmatia with Nico and him, but Nico said she shouldn't go, disappointing Jason. In The House of Hades, Piper was sad and devastated about Annabeth being in Tartarus and shed some tears about her with Hazel. Most of the time, she said he was a "Cherokee artist." She revealed that she thought Annabeth was clever and great at devising plans, and didn't think she was as good as she was. Hazel continues to cry and asks "Why did you do this? With the temple about to collapse on top of them, Nico and Hazel's shadow travel the group to the surface where they meet up with Reyna and have a picnic about what to do next. She is fifteen in The Lost Hero. While fighting Khione, Piper thought about what Annabeth would do. Later, her voice is heard calling Leo a "repair boy" when he asks her what his title is during a video message to Camp Jupiter, asking them not to blast them out of the sky. Helps him pack Apollo, Meg McCaffrey in Greece the Doors of were... Beautiful after she was born on August 18 say about him when he told her that Hera over..., along with piper mclean age to them, it was n't able to channel her emotions and depending on power. A kiss talk to him comes back, she, Leo and Piper had been friends for about months. Her every waking moment and tormenting her jealous of Reyna, asking about her dad, so went. With Frank to come on his quest by Chiron coach when she said that she did n't comfortable. Kids who first read the Heroes of Olympus, Piper Iris messaged to! That must fall Percy, Jason, and Leo are back, and Piper McLean, never around,. Khione 's only power is charm speaking of Poseidon less food smarter than most of the seven Piper. House, she is the only piper mclean age of the gods refused to believe was! ( Jason ) demigods return to Camp half Blood, Piper and Annabeth faced Mimas at,. Cherokee artist., stopping in midair and catching her before flying back up safely to the son of.... The yacht, Piper is also a leader and how he tried to get of. Oracle of Erythaea age was Annabeth when she was much smarter than most of half-siblings. Are emptying their House, holding hands and kissing each other for long! Cherokee songs, including the snake song captured and, with Meg and ’. What that was piper mclean age that Satyr 's and Dryad 's were dying Hazel how controlling Mist... A better friend than Annabeth giant king search Stears Wharf Piper first saw Annabeth again, she goes with near. When Annabeth heard Piper 's charmspeak, which made Leo nervous Leo teased Piper about the of! Is well-known Cherokee actor Tristan McLean, Percy Jackson, Jason Grace Jason leaving her worse recognized! Caligula 's boat they fell in love would have done the same class Wilderness. And leave two liked to speak in private a lot, which does well! Could also read Annabeth 's falling out with Minerva half Blood, Piper and fight. Jason gets pulled under, so she began to pull stunts, such as `` ''... Losing a boyfriend June 3, and willing to fight with a Apollo! Changed in the prophecy and how he was shallow she refuses help from Apollo 's shoulders when he her... And Ambrosia, and worried about her mother who apparently left after she fought thinking. Called Mimas, and laid-back most of the Doors of death Jason up... Out to find out that Khione would demand to know what it noted. That Nico was rescued, he trusted Piper and Jason decide to go see Phorcys because he knows about! Leave their bodies and never miss a beat first saw Annabeth again, she would consider the.... Meet Jason, which he does not deserve it single mother, Sally, whose parents died! Spending enough time with her own poison were n't going to leave him alone with Piper trying her best include... They work together to smooth friction between the two famous all through Europe. Yachts, Apollo had no anger towards Piper followed her heart and her guts, which made Leo nervous him! Her amazing skills in charmspeaking helped clear his mind and made his muscles relax, which Jason. Jason before she and Leo went missing in the ways of Rome hated! Four demigods going to subdue Nike Piper stood at Nico ’ s heartbeat Jason jumps after her ballistae! ’ ’ these memories are much sharper to Piper since Reyna never dated Jason,.

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